Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Give Thanks

I am not cooking Thanksgiving dinner for the first time in about 5 years. yippee!! Thanks to my little sister and her husband, I will be enjoying someone elses cooking this year. This is also the first time my children won't all be home for a holiday. I'm very sad about that so a change of venue is good. It will seem different anyway!
The Wallaby sweater should be finished this weekend (unless I have to take it apart after the picky one tries it on), but my number 2 son wants one too. I have been finishing up a quilt that I started a few years ago, but more about that later...stay tuned.
Happy Thanksgiving to you.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Big Knitting

I have always just knit for myself or for baby gifts. The last baby gift I knit was The Wonderful Wallaby sweater. My son saw it and asked if I could make him one. Sure, I said. He picked out the color (a lovely navy blue) and I started...and I knit...and I knit...and he tried it on because he's VERY particular and I knit some more...and he commented that the sleeves looked puffy so I had him slip one on...and I knit some more...and I'm still knitting! It takes a long time to make a sweater for a picky, young man who just asked me "What if I don't like it?" Arrrgghhh!