Tuesday, October 25, 2005

More rain...

I don't think the weather here could get any worse. It has been raining for days with no end in sight. There is a winter storm warning for the higher elevations. There could be 3-5 inches of snow accumulation. Ugh! I find this time of year to be a downer. I have always told my husband I should have been a bear...hibernating until spring sounds like a good idea to me. I just seem to slow way down, I need more sleep than usual and I start eating all of the wrong foods (which is probably why I slow down!)

I haven't completely finished the entrelac bag...I wasn't happy with the way my handles turned out so I am going to do some fiddling. Here is a photo...I'm sure you can see how great it will be when it's all together.
Carrying this bag will really cheer me up!
I am also knitting a new sweater using the prettiest bright pink yarn...it had subtle color changes and it is yummy. I am kind of designing my own thing using The Knitters Handy Book of Sweater Designs by Ann Budd. Of course, I am getting help from my favorite teachers at my favorite LYS! I will photograph my progress when I have some natural light...and the rain stops!


Anonymous said...

the bag is FANTASTIC!!!!!!!
can you teach me??

what is LYS??
susan j gill

mary said...

Hi Susan,
Sure, I can show you how to do the bag. LYS is Local Yarn Shop. Thanks for the comments!