Tuesday, November 07, 2006

An Update...

As I glanced at my blog page today, I realized that I haven't been accomplishing much lately. I offer these photos of placemats and monogrammed napkins that I finished up for a customer.
I am in a constant struggle to gain a balance in my life...and it all stems from my creative disorganization. I am being swallowed up by laundry, housework, unfinished projects and the ideas that are always running through my head! I have recently addressed the household chaos by joining up with Flylady again. Babysteps, she says and I am trying. I also subscribed to a Mega Menu Mailer at savingdinner.com. Yesterday I did a mega grocery shopping trip and fixed about 10 meals. Today I am finishing up with 10 more and then I am going to treat myself to a trip to my favorite yarn shop! I'm hoping now that I have 20 meals ready I will have more time for creativity. I'll let you know how it goes...stay tuned.

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