Thursday, February 15, 2007

Stuck on Stripes

Here is the status of my sweater. This is a self-striping yarn. Look at the difference between the front and the back. I know you won't see them at the same time and the seam will be under my arm, but I'm not happy with it. I've decided my options are:

1. Leave it as is.

2. Put the project away and never look at it again


3. Keep working on the fronts and redo the back to match the fronts by using two balls at the same time.

Can you guess which one I am going to do?

In the meantime I have knit a Noni bag. It is the Night Garden Felted Evening Bag. I have it almost done. I will have photos tomorrow, stay tuned...


Anonymous said...

Hi Mary

Your sweater looks great. Two questions are the dye lots the same and did you start the yarn in the same spot for each section.


Mary said...

Hi Bev,
Yes to both your questions...the problem occurs because the back has more stitches cast on and the stripes are thinner. I am going to try to use two balls at the same time to make the stripes thicker in the back.