Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Life Changing Experience

Last year Alex Andersen told my friend that she needed to attend the Ricky Tim's Super Seminar. She said it would change her life. How can you resist something that will change your life? We joked about it and signed up. Four of us traveled to Glens Falls, NY and all I can say is "wow". We received a spiral bound book with all of the instructions for every technique that was demonstrated. There were three days of instruction and so much shared that our heads were spinning. We didn't know what we wanted to try first when we got home! Check out Ricky Tim's website and get to a Super Seminar if you can. He does four of them a year in different parts of the country.
Ricky Tims
Libby Lehman

Alex Andersen

What a talented group of quilters...and now my life is changed!

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