Friday, August 15, 2008

A New Knitting Project (or two)

Yesterday I stopped at a yarn shop on the other side of town, just because I was out that way and wanted to see what was new. I ended up signing up for a jacket class!  Now, I have to explain that it must have been fate, because I saw the sample for this jacket well over a year ago in said shop and had missed the class.  I purchased the book at that time figuring I would do it on my own.  Then I got their newsletter and saw they were repeating the class, but it was on my birthday so I didn't sign up.  Well, here's the fate part, the class had to be postponed so it doesn't start until Tuesday.  Ta da...meant to be!  
It's the Sedona jacket (which looks terrible in the booklet photo and great in person), a short, boxy jacket with a little stand up collar. It uses three colors of Manos del Uruguay, two solid and one varigated.
I had some hot pink Manos and thought I could use that...nope...didn't like it...had to buy more.
I ended up with a more muted mauvey color and a dark purple.  Here's the swatch (which also looks better in person).
I got out my favorite knitting reference book to refresh my memory on a long-tail cast on (I usually do a knit cast on) and have to tell you that if you don't own this book you need to.  If you are a beginner it is great and if you are advanced you will love the easy projects and they are all done with the knit stitch (duh) no purling anywhere in sight. If you want purling you need to buy her next book The Purl Stitch. Oh, by the way, the author of these books is Sally Melville. Her last book so far is on color...I own that one too, but won't get it out right now because I don't need any other ideas for knitting projects! 
Like this one:
and this one:
and this one:
Yikes, I'd better get knitting, I have a lot to do...stay tuned...

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