Monday, June 29, 2009

Some Crafting Friends

When my children were small I would put them down for their afternoon nap and have some "me" time in front of the television with Aleene's Creative Living show.  Do you remember the show?  It was full of fun crafting lessons with Aleene of Tacky Glue fame and her daughters, Tiffany and Heidi and other great guests.  Last night when I was searching for something on the net I happened upon a site where there were people remembering the show and the people connected with it.  Well, as you can imagine, these crafters are still doing their thing, adapting to the times with blogs and podcasts.  

Tiffany's website is here and she has a podcast that I downloaded to listen to later.

Two of my favorite guest crafters were Cheryl Ball and Katheryn Bieber

I feel like I have found some long, lost friends!  

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