Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Some Summer Sewing

I finally took photos of some of my summer sewing.  The quality is terrible, but it's really hard to take photos of yourself.  I'll need a lot more practice.  I also need to invest in a good tripod, I guess!  They were a little dark so I lightened them, but I think you'll get the idea.

All of these are Peggy Sagers Silhouette Patterns.  

This looks like a dress but it is two pieces.  I love it because I can wear it together or as separates. It is the Sweater Set #195 top with the bottom of #4300 Paula's Dress.  I was inspired by one of Peggy's webcasts to use part of a pattern. I did not put in the pockets because the fabric was a very stretchy knit and I was afraid they would droop.  I also added a few inches to the length because I didn't want it above my knee.

This is Giorgio's Top #312.  I really like the style of this top and I plan on lengthening it to make it into a dress when I make the next one. The fabric is really drapey and kind of clings to the pants (which are RTW) so I have to try it with some other pants or a skirt. I have gotten many compliments on this outfit.  (I think people are just glad to see me wearing something other than black!!)

I have another skirt that I just finished that I will post about next...stay tuned!

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