Tuesday, September 06, 2005

A Finished Project...

I have finished the Wallaby Sweater (except for blocking).
It was a fun one to do, but I will never do striped sleeves again! The way this is done is...you knit in the round until you get to the placket then you go back and forth. Consequently I couldn't carry the light blue yarn, I had to start a new piece for each row. I used a cotton blend yarn that I had in my stash. I want to make this again soon in a nice wool in one color!

I am furiously knitting the entrelac bag. My family thinks it is very ugly...I keep telling them that it will look completely different when it is felted. Stay tuned!

Tomorrow I begin another knitting class. It is the Lots-of-Choices Top from The Knit Stitch book by Sally Melville. This is a great book with lots of nice projects in it.

Son #3 goes back to school tomorrow. A new school year always makes me a little sad, but I guess we are both ready to get into a routine again. I have some major housecleaning to do and lots of projects to keep me busy.


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