Saturday, February 11, 2006

A Finished Project

I have finished something! It's the Incredible Baby babies here so it will go in my "to be gifted" stash. This was a very fun sweater to knit because it is knit in one piece and the only finishing is to sew the shoulder seams together.
I am very close to finishing a few more projects...I blocked a sweater yesterday and sewed it up and now I have to redo the shoulders because the neck is HUGE. Oh well, it won't be finished as quickly as I thought.

I am also very busy getting ready for a houseguest. I am taking a needlework class from Amy Mitten-Stevens. She designs mystery samplers. Amy is coming to our sampler guild to teach us one of the mysteries...she is also staying at my house. Yikes! I never noticed that the wallpaper in the upstairs bathroom is coming apart at the seams...and...the carpet on the stairs has a stain on it where the dog likes to lay (do you think the dog would just stay on that spot while Amy is here?)...and...I could go on and on. I guess if you look at something long enough you don't notice it I am very busy!


Jenn said...

that sweater is too cute! I love it. I so have to learn how to knit.
isn't it funny how when you start looking at your house "through someone else's eyes" it appears so different...

Anonymous said...

yeah mary
i love the sweater
did it turn out like you thought it would???
susan j gill