Monday, October 27, 2008

A Busy Weekend

What a wild weekend.  My husband arranged for 3 of our 4 kiddos to come home for a visit to surprise me.  Of course, he couldn't keep it a surprise so he told me on Wednesday that they were coming.  It was fun to have them sure broke the spell of peace, solitude and cleanliness that we were getting used to!  
I finished my Sedona sweater.  It's almost a coat it's so warm.  I'm ready for the cold weather that is showing itself here in western NY.

Here is a scene from the weekend...pumpkin carving!

I am working on my SWAP ideas.  I have set a couple of personal goals:
1.  One of the garments has to come from Burda World of Fashion magazine.  I subscribed a couple of months ago and have yet to have the courage to try any of the patterns.
2.  One of the items will be hand knit.  I do love knitting and want to incorporate it into the SWAP.
3.  I am taking an online course in how to copy a rtw pair of pants, so one of my pants will be a copy of something I already own.
4. Jeans...I am going to try to make a pair of jeans.

I am tentatively planning two pairs of dress pants, black and a plum colored herringbone wool, a pair of black jeans and a skirt.  My tops will be a knit sweater set, a cross-over style long sleeved t-shirt, three plain t-shirts, and a sweater with a turtleneck.   I am now gathering the fabrics and I'll make a storyboard to help keep me straight. By the way, this is all subject to change...stay tuned!

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