Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sewing With A Plan

Well, I have gone and done it now.  I just joined the 2009 SWAP at Stitcher's Guild.  You can check out the rules here.  I have some ideas already and I hope I can incorporate some of my pieces into the ASG contest for 2009.  I have some lovely stash fabrics that I think I will use.  I am getting my patterns together and then I will decide on the fabrics.  I have a list of Vogue patterns that I intend to pick up tomorrow when they go on sale at JoAnn's. 
Here is one dress...and a great cross t-shirt...and one I think my daughter will like...and a few more.  I also bought some great sweater knits last week that might just make the SWAP to follow...stay tuned!

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Kate said...

I like the dress....!!