Friday, December 31, 2010

Wool Coat

Last year I finished a wool coat with felted flowers on it. I realized I never posted about it. I felted a piece of black wool coating in the washing machine and cut out the jacket. I used an embroidery design that I cut apart and resized in my embroidery software program. I stitched the outline of the design, then needle felted the wool roving in place (while the fabric what still hooped) then embroidered the design again to be on top of the felting.

When the embroidery was complete, I took it out of the hoop and used my felting machine to better meld the roving to the jacket. I get compliments on it everytime I wear it.


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Jo-Anne said...

Mary-Your felted flower coat is beautiful!!! I read about how you did it and have a few questions--how are the stems and leaves done--are they felted, too or embroidered? Also, how did you felt the roving in the hoop? Is it done by hand? I would probably knock it out of the hoop. I have never tried felting, but I like the look of yours so much that I am inspired to try it. Job Well Done!!