Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Twice Finished Sweater

Okay, okay, I know I'm crazy, but I couldn't help it. I put the sweater on and all I could see in the mirror glaring back at me was my mistake! I wore it to work tried not to point out the mistake and it worked until I went to knit with a group of women after work and it all came bursting out..."I made a mistake, it's right in the front!" It made me feel better that no one could find it, but I knew it was there.
So...over the weekend I took part of the underarm and side seams out, removed the sleeve, ripped down the front to my error and fixed it. It's all back together and now I'm happy and I try not to look too closely at the sweater because I don't want to see any more mistakes! I'll get a photo of it on me next time I wear it.

1 comment:

Ann Marie said...

Not sure if you're utterly crazy or wonderfully patient, my friend!AMP