Thursday, July 07, 2011

An Update

When my kids were young I always found the month of June to be the most hectic time of the year. It was always such a relief to get to July and our summer vacation. No routines, no set activities, just fun at the pool and a little tennis thrown in. Now that I am working at a school I'm feeling the same way! Throw in a wedding and suddenly I don't know which end is up!! Hence, my blogging vacation.
My son got married last weekend and it was a perfect day in every way.

We traveled to Burlington, VT. The wedding was at St. Michael's College chapel and the reception at the Essex Inn. It was lovely.
Since then I have been lazing around enjoying my summer vacation. I've done a little knitting and some reading. I planned on spending some time every day in my sewing room. I think that begins today! Woohoo! I love summer vacation...

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