Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Another New Year

Another year begun...a new beginning.  This year I am going to set goals rather than make resolutions.  Resolutions seem to be such hard and fast rules.  Goals are something to strive for and I am striving in 2009. 
My first goal for 2009 is to keep finishing UFO's.  I have four needlework projects that I intend to complete before I begin a new one.  Speaking of finishing things here are a few photos of Christmas gifts I made for special people.  My daughter's skirt in the following photo is a Burda World of Fashion pattern pencil skirt made from scraps of a wool skirt I made for myself a few years ago.  It fits her like a glove and she is hoping that I make more.  Unfortunately this is the only picture I got of her in it before she left for Boston.  (She is the one in the center posing with two of her cousins all in black and white houndstooth.)

My #2 son spent all last year in Scotland and had asked if I could make him a quilt that looked like the Scottish flag.  He was very happy with the results and now wants one that resembles the US flag...hmmm
Completing the SWAP is another goal in 2009.  I have finished one of the tops and will have one of my boys take a photo before they head back to school.  I am diligently working on fitting a pair of pants, but nothing yet...another goal of 2009, a decent fitting pair of pants.  I also intend to knit a mohair icelandic style sweater as part of the SWAP.  I have my work cut out for me but I am excited about it...stay tuned... 

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Patttt said...

"My #2 son spent all last year in Scotland " does this mean that im the #1 son?