Monday, January 26, 2009

What is it with gauge?

I have been craving a new knitting project for a while.  I recently found Twist Collective.  I ordered three new knitting patterns, here, here and here.  (With many more that I wanted to buy!)  I figured I would start with the mittens.
It would be a small (size wise) project with some difficulty (the fair isle pattern), but certainly doable.  I knit very loosely so I usually go down two needle sizes to get the gauge.  The pattern calls for size 1 or 2 needles.  I used a size 1 and got 8 stitches to the inch (I'm supposed to have 9 spi). (I'm using the yarn that the pattern calls for).

Now it's 10:00 pm and I want to knit!  I don't own any size 0 needles so what do I do?  I get out another knitting project...a kit I purchased in Sept. for this child's sweater from Dream in Color Designs.  I do a gauge swatch and I end up having to go up two needle sizes from what the pattern recommends!  Yikes! What is this gauge madness?  Do I need to find knitting designers who knit loosely like I do?  The idea of knitting a pair of mittens on size 0 (or smaller needles) is a little disconcerting.

So about two hours after starting a new knitting project I am able to actually knit on the project...the child's sweater, not the mittens.  Which I have to say is a dream to knit.  The yarn is the yummiest of colors.  Now I'm going to go to my LYS to see if they have size 0 needles...stay tuned...

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