Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Never a dull moment...

Things are so hectic around here. Son #1 is back at college in Burlington, VT. Right now I am getting son #2 ready to go this weekend with a small change in plans...he is now going to Holy Cross in Worcester, MA. It was his first choice and he was wait listed there. They called last week to let him know he was in if he still wanted to go there. Yikes, all of our plans have changed. He is very happy, but his older brother was disappointed that they wouldn't be at the same school!

There's not much time for sewing or knitting. I did sneak a few minutes yesterday to make myself some earrings and finish a bracelet that I had in process. I need to do something creative every once in a while or I really go crazy! The Baby Surprise Sweater is off the needles and just needs to be sewn...I will do that in the car this weekend. I should be able to get some quality knitting done while we are driving to New England.

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