Wednesday, August 17, 2005

You can tell that summer is coming to an end...

You can tell that Summer is coming to an end when:
1. The days get shorter.
2. The weather gets cooler.
3. The checkbook is empty after back-to-school shopping.
4. My kids start to drive me crazy!!!
My oldest son, aged 21 (some might call him an adult even), cannot put a roll of toilet paper on the holder. Now, you think he might know how because he first went into another bathroom (passing by the cupboard where we keep the extra rolls) and took the toilet paper off that holder, but no...the roll is sitting on the counter! Augghhhhh!!!

I feel much better another week I will be so lonely.

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Laura K said...

Hi Mary,

I know what you mean - my kids started school this week too. Yesterday I organized my sewing closet. Today I'm sewing with NO INTERRUPTIONS...... It's feels like I'm on another planet.